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Hello readers who may or may not be there!

I created this wordpress account some time ago, as a place to blog about fat acceptance. It sat empty as I struggled with what to say. I started blogging on tumblr, enjoying the quick and easy format. Lately, however, I realize I really do want a place for my thoughts solely on the issues surrounding fat. My concern, for a long time, was not I would not have anything new to say. There are so many amazing people blogging about Health At Every Size and Fat Acceptance, or fabulous fat fashion. I thought, would my voice be able to stand out in this? Then I realized that as long as I use my unique voice and tell my own story, I could find a place in this community.

I’m here to tell my story. I’m here to talk about what it was like for me to grow up fat. I’m here to talk about losing friends and being wary of new ones due to how they view fat. I’m here to tell you how Fat Acceptance has changed my life. More than anything else, I’m here to reach out to other people with my story. I’m so excited to get blogging. See you soon!


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