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Because….. they’re poison?

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Do you ever see something so ridiculous, so odd, so fantastically incorrect that you need to rush and tell someone as soon as possible?

A few minutes ago, I was checking a weather forecast site for my local seven day forecast. I glance to the top of the screen and what do I see but a banner ad excitedly and desperately trying to inform me of the five foods I should never eat in order to trim my belly fat. To the left of the ad were the words “Never eat” with an arrow pointing to…. a banana.

After I regained consciousness, I decided to see what the internet has to say about banana nutrition. If the nutrition chart I found is even remotely accurate, bananas have a couple hundred calories, quite a bit of potassium, and a smattering of vitamins and minerals. That almost sounds like… food! Calories, to give you energy to do stuff! Vitamins and minerals to provide various benefits! Clearly deadly and will make you fat! NEVER EAT THEM!

This is just a tiny sample of the ridiculous messages we are bombarded with every day. These messages range from the potentially dangerous (Take this non-FDA approved pill and drop weight fast!) to the simply laughable (Don’t eat white foods!). These messages build up, creating a conflicting, nonsensical jumble of misinformation and empty promises. This is the miracle cure that will help you lose that extra five pounds! No, this one, over here! NO, over HERE! Now apparently we should never eat a certain fruit if we really, truly want to lose that dreaded belly fat.

To you all I say; Enjoy that banana, or that bowl of cereal, or that white rice, or whatever you feel like snacking on today. And if you see one of these silly banners, have a good laugh on me.


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  1. So true! I’ve noticed that banana one in particular and was like sheesh, thank GOODNESS I’m not a huge fan of those yellow death fruits anyways! 😉


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