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I’ve Been Eating Bacon and Doritos All Day, That Doesn’t Make Me “Bad”

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Yesterday I saw a post on the internet about bacon and avocado toast and I sat with the craving all night, planning to run to the store for bacon in the morning in order to have this delicious meal for breakfast. While at the store I grabbed a small bag of Cool Ranch Doritos (get out of here, nacho cheese fans! JUST LEAVE ME) to have with a sandwich later in the day. Once home, and cooking the glorious bacon, I did what I always do when I make bacon, and I ate the cooked pieces as they finished. I always tell myself I will cook them all at once and then have my meal, but, have you tasted bacon? Have you SMELLED bacon? I lack the ability to stand in front of hot, freshly cooked bacon and not eat a strip or three. So before I even made my bacon avocado breakfast sandwich, I already had about three strips of bacon. Important note: best sandwich of my life. Thank you, bacon, and thank you, odd ex-con that makes tasty Dave’s Killer Bread.

I wrapped up the rest of the bacon and put it in the fridge, but found myself craving salty goodness all day, which means I have been snacking on cold bacon and that small bag of chips over the course of the day. Oh, heavens! Surely an anti-fat advocate for shame and diet pills will strike me down with great force.

Oh dear, I’m rambling. Anyway, this is typically considered “bad” eating, yes? The question, of course, is why. I had a lot of bacon today. It was delicious. Regardless of how often I eat processed flavored corn chips and greasy, crisp bacon, today was just a day filled with tasty, fatty foods. I have not been bad today. I’ve been extremely satisfied today. I’ve also been drinking plenty of water because omg sodium, but I feel great, y’all. If I were trying to lose weight, or had high cholesterol, maybe today’s choices could be considered “bad” from a health standpoint. But otherwise, what’s one day? What’s one sandwich, one bag of chips, one baconated day? Bad implies wrong, so what is wrong about it exactly?

Yesterday a co-worker brought in brownies. They were freaking amazing. I had more than I planned too and I could definitely tell when I was done, when my body switched from craving more sugar to craving the bagel and cream cheese I had in the fridge. I mentioned to another co-worker how many brownies I ate and she casually said she didn’t have any, she was a “good girl today.” This is such an ingrained way of thinking in our society.

What are the good foods? Fruits, veggies, lean protein? Grains? What about dairy? Is one pad of butter bad? How much butter must something contain before it becomes sinful? Does eating one small brownie constitute bad behavior, or are you still “good” if you manage to stop at one?

I don’t have a lot of answers, I just know that bacon is delicious.